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Skoda octavia in Vadodara
6 Airbags

The SKODA Octavia comes with 6 airbags, which protect the occupants of the car in case of an accident. The front airbag in the steering wheel protects the driver, while a similar one in the dashboard protects the front passenger.

The side airbags for the front seats protect passengers against side impact and the head airbags run from the A-pillar to the C-pillar protecting both front and rear seat passengers.

skoda octavia keyless entry
Remote locking and unlocking of doors and boot lid

The key of the SKODA Octavia comes with a built-in remote locking control with which all the doors along with the boot lid of the car can be locked and un-locked at the simple press of a button.
skoda octavia front AFC system
Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS) with EBD and HBA

The SKODA Octavia comes equipped with ABS. The system activates in the event of sudden and heavy braking and prevents the wheels from 'locking', thereby preventing the car from skidding and ensuring that the driver can safely steer the car away from obstacles. Additionally, the Brake Assistant helps to maximise braking power and reduces braking distance.
skoda octavia interior facilities
Parktronic - front and rear park distance control

Parktronic sensors use radar-like functionality to probe the space around the front and rear of the car to determine the presence of obstacles and accordingly generate audio warning signals which help drivers in parking the car. The Parktronic display on the central infotainment system shows the distance and direction of the obstacle on a large colour screen.
skoda octavia hill hold control system
Anti-Slip Regulation (ASR)

To prevent excessive wheel spin during acceleration, the SKODA Octavia comes equipped with ASR. The ASR system automatically modulates wheel spin during acceleration. This ensures that the driver has full control over the vehicle and provides efficient transfer of power to the road, thereby improving both handling and fuel economy.
skoda octavia hill hold control system
Automatically dimming internal and external rear view mirrors

The SKODA Octavia comes equipped with automatically dimming internal and external rear view mirrors. When harsh light is detected from the rear, the mirrors automatically dim to help improve rear visibility for the driver and also reduce glare.
skoda octavia hill hold control system
Multi-Collision Braking (MKB)

The new Octavia comes equipped with an MKB system that reduces the risk of multiple collisions during an accident. If a collision is detected, the MKB system engages the vehicle into automatic braking mode, even if the driver has not stepped on the brake with sufficient force. The immediate speed reduction, along with further intervention by other safety and assistance systems (ESC, ABS, etc.), helps keep the vehicle stable and in its lane.
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