Six airbags

The ŠKODA Yeti comes with six airbags. In addition to the front airbags, it includes curtain airbags at both the front and the rear, and side airbags at the front.

skoda yeti Electronic Differential Lock (EDL)
Electronic Differential Lock (EDL)

The Electronic Differential Lock is best appreciated on a road with different surfaces on either side, for example dry tarmac on one side and ice, snow or water on the other. This system works together with the ABS sensors of the car.

The Electronic Control Unit (ECU) continually receives data from ABS wheel speed sensors on the driven wheels. If the ECU detects that one wheel is slipping, it applies brake pressure to match its speed to the second, non-slipping wheel. It also directs torque to the wheel with better traction.

The advantages of EDL are most obvious during acceleration or driving uphill with low traction under one of the driven wheels.

Parktronic - front and rear park distance control

Parktronic sensors probe the space around the front and rear of the car to determine the presence of obstacles and accordingly generate an audio warning signal which helps the driver with better judgement. The Parktronic display on the central infotainment system shows the distance and direction of obstacles on a large colour screen.
skoda yeti  Parktronic - front and rear park distance control
skoda yeti Off-road Assistant with Hill Descent Control
Off-road Assistant with Hill Descent Control

The Off-road Assistance package comprises of Hill Descent Control (HDC), Drive-Off Assistance and Off-road Traction control. Hill Descent Control maintains a constant speed while driving downhill by automatically braking the wheels as required. Thus, the driver is free to focus fully on steering the vehicle.
Tyre pressure monitoring (TPM)

Tyre pressure monitoring continuously monitors the air pressure in each tyre and prevents critical situations by providing timely warning of sudden air pressure loss in any of the tyres.
skoda yeti Tyre pressure monitoring (TPM)
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